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Boys Junior Varsity Tennis, Boys Varsity Tennis · Thornapple-Kellogg High School Boys Varsity Tennis finishes 1st place

Saturday, August 26, 2017

9:00 AM





Meet Recap

Thornapple Kellogg finished first: 21 points
Hackett Catholic: 14 points
Ostego: 11 points
Pennfield: 0 points

#1 Alex Hanshaw Finished 1rst
#2 Turner Halle Finished 2nd
#3 Evan Sidebotham Finished 1rst
#4 Isaiah Gunther Finished 1rst

#1 Dean Eicher/ Cody Yonkers Finished 1rst
#2 Joe Dinkel/ Sam Dickman Finished 1rst
#3 Brady Zellmer/ Ethan Oly DNP
#4 EThan Church/ Nathaniel Church Finished 1rst

The morning started on the thorny side, but as the day progressed everyone found their footing. It was a good day, as we got to see some of our guys get pushed and respond positively by staying in the moment.

In his first match, Alex Hanshaw had to dig himself out of a hole in the 3rd set super tie-break against an opponent that had a well rounded game with a heavy serve and ground strokes. Alex stayed calm and composed, which allowed him to get through at some truly key moments in the match.

Turner Halle found his footing after his first match and did very well overall. Halle is quite steady and smart with the ball once he finds his bearings. He hustled hard in his first match, and never gave up. I believe that first match helped him get through the rest of his day, as his game got cleaner and cleaner as the day progressed.

Evan Sidebotham came out of the blocks firing not missing a step. Evan can prove to be steady and tricky. He is able to push the ball around the court and force his opponents in very awkward positions. He can get under your skin with his game style and he did so very well today.

Isaiah Gunther had some forefits, but he played well and proved himself a sportsman. Isaiah is a great mover, and is growing rapidly, but today, it was about someone else. Gunther playing his last match against Hackett Catholic, played an inexperienced #4. He could have acted in an unsportsmanlike like way and made his opponent feel terrible about himself, but instead Gunther chose the high road and allowed his opponent to play, even going to the point of keeping the rallies alive and encouraging his opponent. It was nice to see our sport extend itself past the wins and losses.

Number one doubles (Yonkers/ Eicher) started on the rough side in their first match, but once they got past their nerves, Yonkers/ Eicher were tough to deal with for the rest of the day. They remained aggressive moving to the ball at the net at any given chance.

Number two doubles (Dickman/ Dinkel) did a great job. They remained active and intense through out the day, which allowed them to play well together. A big part of doubles is to move with your partner and the other team in relationship to the ball. Dickman/ Dinkel are improving daily and did a great job doing so today.

Number three doubles (Zellmer and Oly) also did a great job. They are still getting to know each other on the court and their respective roles. They did put themselves in positions to win, but came just a little short, as they lost in two third set super tie-breaks. Zellmer showed great aggression with his feet and racquet at the net, while Oly began reading the net guy much better. Good job guys

In their first match, fourth doubles (Church/ Church) started extremely nervous down 5-2, but after a conversation at the fence, Church/ Church rallied back to win the match. It was nice to see them dig out of a hole and tame their nerves. After that Church/ Church played good doubles, not missing much and moving to ball at the net.

Bennett Halle played as a fill in for Pennfield and played very well. After losing the first set 6-0, Halle pushed the Hacket 4th singles player in a third set super tie-breaker. Keep moving B. Well done Bennett.

Great job gentlemen!


School Place Points
Thornapple-Kellogg High School
Hackett Catholic Central High School
Otsego High School
Pennfield High School